Gastronomic racial slurs

by Allan

Recently, English footballer Rio Ferdinand got in hot water for enjoying an enemy’s being called a “choc ice,” i.e. black on the outside but white on the inside, like a Klondike barThe American term is “Oreo,” after the cookie, and in France apparently it’s “Bounty,” after the lamentable candy bar that amounts to a poor man’s Almond Joy.  What other foods are there that suggest racial slurs?  (Apparently a “Twinkie” is “yellow” on the outside but white on the inside, and the opposite of “Oreo” is “Sno Ball,” although these have a further layer of creamy fluff below the chocolate, suggesting a more complex ethnic story.)  There are frosted chocolate sheet cakes with vanilla frosting; they’re only white on top, suggesting a black guy with blond hair.  M&Ms are all kinds of colors, but they’re all brown on the inside, perhaps evidence of a common African ancestry.  Some have a peanut.  Is a well-integrated Parisian from West Africa a chocolate-filled croissant?  (Seinfeld’s discussion of the half-moon cookie suggests a kind of post-racial identity.)